Second Place – Mairtín Crawford Award 2019

I was thrilled last week to be runner up in this year’s Mairtín Crawford Award for Poetry, with judges flagging my poem “Waders” (unpublished) as a highlight of my submission. Of the poems in my submission, “The Cosmic Comet” has been published in blackbird (journal PDF) and “entryway” in Poetry Ireland Review.

“Thank you!” to poetry judges Paul Maddern, Moyra Donaldson and Matt Kirkham and prose judge Wendy Erskine for taking the time to read writing from so many writers, and “Congratulations!” to first place winner Phoebe Walker and all of my fellow shortlistees.

Poem Publication: “On Flying Home at 6AM” and “Our News”

“On Flying Home at 6 AM” and “Our News” have been published in Issue 6 of The Open Ear, a “new writing journal, edited in Queen’s University Belfast, published annually.” Copies can be purchased from No Alibis bookshop in Belfast – many thanks to the editors for including my work!


Poem Publication: Prayer

“Prayer” has been published in Volume 1, Issue 2 of Ponder Review, “a student-run publication of the MFA program at Mississippi University for Women, staffed by graduate students under the direction of Kendall Dunkelberg. PR publishes fiction, flash fiction, nonfiction, poetry, short plays, new media, and visual art twice a year.” Copies can be purchased through Submittable – many thanks to the editors for including my work!


Poem Publication: “Nostos” and “🐝” [bee emoji]

“Nostos” and “🐝” have been published in Issue 9 of Firewords, “the anthology of fiery fiction & poetry brought to life with visual flair.” Copies can be purchased through their website, and buying the issue either in physical or digital form will give you access to lots of extra goodies like recordings of the poems, interviews with writers (like me!) and an hour-long podcast about the issue. Many thanks to the editors for including my work!